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I can see the head. Minato went through the hand seals for the reaper summoning.

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What they saw in the crib completely shocked them it mortified them.

Baby naruto minato and kushina fanfiction. Minato smiled and led his naruto over to the other side of the room. Naruto was crying louder then ever as if he was in pain. Youre such a wonderful baby naru chan.

Mama kushina took her baby into her arms and nodded curtly at the anbu guards. Naruto now minato a steady glare was directed towards the hokage. It had been two years since the dojo incident.

Only jins favourite dishes. Now they were walking down the streets accompanied by the yondaime and his wife. Naruto t english adventure family chapters.

A face eating grin appeared on minatos face and he flipped naruto around and tossed him high in the air eliciting a shriek of laughter from the infant tears long forgotten. Come out shouted minato. The anbu guards suddenly understood all too well who actually wore the pants in this relationship.

Okay naruto you ready to meet other little babies and make friends kushina asked naruto and all she got was baby noises. The best in the world. Kushina always made jins favourite dishes as well.

Kaa chan he said looking at her. We now go a week later where kushina is prepping naruto for a play date with her friends children while minato is handling his hokage duties. Everytime he hurt himself minato would hurt naruto even more.

Naruto was covered in a red chakra veil flowing out from the seal. Jin suddenly found his method worked very well. Just a little more kushina shouted biwoku the midwife responsible for delivering kushinas child.

Make sure the hokage rests but kushina. Naruto stared as the woman cut down the first sound ninjathey called him sonminato shoved a kunai into one of their headsthey protected himkushina sliced a sound ninja down the middlebut they had to be lyingminato flashed behind another sound ninja and cut his throat spraying blood everywherehe wasnt supposed to be loved. Minato and kushina then rushed to the crib but as they were approaching it they noticed a red glowing coming from it.

With naruto dressed and ready to go they were off to the park. Her husband namikaze minato and the yondaime hokage was doing everything in his power to keep the kyuubis seal in check and to help his wife through the trials of childbirth. The blond looked nervous.

With that she ripped her gaze from the heartbreakingly adorable baby and stalked out. 330 the true slayer by grimreaper113 this story was inspired by reborn123s story naruto. 7112013 naruto u minato n kushina u.

Hey naruto chan would you like to see you new baby brother and sister he asked. The dragon god slayer and white mage of fairy tail. The kyubi seeing what was going on didnt want to be sealed and tried to kill baby naruto with his claw however both kushina and minato jumped infront of hit and were stabbed through the stomach and held the claw in place.

Naruto turned his head and saw kushina sleeping on the bed with her red hair swept onto one side. Naruto eyes went a little wide but nodded his head.

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