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Narutos plot revolves around the titular character who has been used as a vessel for the strongest known tailed beast a type of powerful monster. The manga let fans watch as naruto said goodbye to his tenant after being together his whole life and.

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For a while it seemed like naruto himself would be the one to bite the dust but this has turned out to be a clever misdirection albeit a tragic one as the hokage has instead lost someone close to him again.

Boruto naruto nine kurama death. In a heartbreaking moment naruto and kurama have a heart to heart before the nine tailed fox passes from this world and drastically changes the future of the hidden leaf village as a result. From killing narutos ma and pa to sacrificing his life to save naruto and the hidden leaf village kuramas character has come a full circle. Apparently in a leaked comic stip from chapter 55 kurama lied to naruto when it told him that activating baryon would kill them both.

It is certainly a gutting moment for fans of naruto for whom kurama had become a fan favorite. One such death that caught fans off guard was the death of kurama. The character didnt.

In boruto chapter 53 baryon mode ended with naruto alive still but kurama was missing in action. It ended up taking only kuramas life instead. Luckily chapter 55 doesnt murder the hokage but it does kill off kurama his closest ally.

However it still causes sadness to develop amongst manga readers. Throughout the series of naruto and boruto fans experienced many heart wrenching moments when having to witness the deaths of their favorite characters. As of chapter 55 kurama is dead in boruto.

The boruto manga just shocked fans by killing the nine tails kurama after the demon fox expended its chakra against isshiki otsutsuki in chapter 55. After being introduced long ago kurama was killed off in the most recent chapter of boruto. To avoid this cancel and sign in to youtube.

In order to seal the nine tailed fox kurama both of narutos parents had to sacrifice themselves to protect him. In a very emotional moment the nine tailed fox bid farewell to naruto asking the latter to lead a long life. Its a heartbreaking moment for naruto fans whove grown attached to the nine tails seeing the demon fox go from narutos enemy to more like a sibling and eventually like a parent.

Naruto sasuke death animation two. The latest update from boruto. Naruto next generations leaves fans weeping after killing narutos beloved tailed beast kurama.

Videos you watch may be added to the tvs watch history and influence tv recommendations. Thus kuramas death seemed to be foreshadowed by the manga chapter. Each death may or may not have been predicted.

Narutos soulmate the nine tailed fox named kurama has died after activating the baryon mode with naruto. This all happens thanks to a little white lie told in the heat of battle.

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